Animal Imaging
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Animal Imaging is the only private practice in Texas that owns and operates a state-of-the-art, Siemens Verio 3T MRI system.  This wide bore system with large gantry is ideal for both large and small animal patients.

This 3 Tesla unit can generate hundreds of high definition, 1-3mm, cross-section images of bones, organs and tissue at extremely fast speeds.  So diagnosis is far quicker and infinitely more accurate than virtually any other modality.  Plus this non-invasive procedure is safer because it uses no ionizing radiation.

The field strength of Animal Imaging’s 3 Tesla MRI is 2-10 times greater than the 1 and 1.5 Tesla systems and has the ability to acquire images with up to twice the pixel density, 40-80% faster than most smaller units.

This rapid imaging helps ensure that patients are under sedation or anesthesia for far less time.

Animal Imaging's team of board certified radiologists, MRI technologists, our anesthesia supervisor and MRI technicians work in unision to provide unrivalled care.

As an added advantage, Animal Imaging uses its PACS system to archive all scans with the patient’s electronic medical records for quick and easy review by the referring veterinarian. 

The 3 Tesla MRI system allows our radiologists to explore many organ systems besides the brain and spinal cord.  There are a number of uses, such as musculoskeletal, MRA studies (vascular studies), tumor margins, etc.