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Nuclear Medicine

Canine Bone Scan

This modality is a great resource for diagnosing obscure lameness issues in our canine friends. The patient is injected with a radioisotope, which is then allowed to uptake for the next two hours. The bone scan is then performed under sedation (rather than general anesthesia). At Animal Imaging, if combined modalities are needed to further assess the lameness, such as radiographs, CT, or ultrasound, we are able to do that in the same visit. Patients are dropped off at 7:30am the morning of the appointment, and we will call as soon as they are ready to go (usually early afternoon.) Results are ready within 24 hours and sent to the referring veterinarian, as well as the owner.

Trans-splenic Portal Scan

A portal scan, also known as trans-splenic portal scintigraphy, is a combined nuclear medicine/ultrasound procedure that is great for diagnosing the congenital and/or acquired liver shunt. Two (2) millicuries of technetium are injected by ultrasound-guidance into the spleen, and with the gamma camera, we are able to watch whether it goes to the liver first, or bypasses it and goes toward the heart. Following this nuclear medicine portion, we also do a complete abdominal ultrasound. This procedure is done under general anesthesia. The appointment will be scheduled for about one and a half hours.

Thyroid Scan and Radioactive Iodine (I-131)

Animal Imaging is pleased to offer radioactive iodine (I-131) treatment for feline hyperthyroidism. This is a two-step process. The first appointment is about one and a half hours long, and it helps us determine that the patient is a good candidate for this type of treatment. We also use this appointment to discuss all risks, instructions, and concerns for the treatment, should we move forward.

The treatment itself is an IV injection of I-131, given subcutaneously between the shoulder blades. The patient will be dropped off at Animal Imaging on a Monday by 10am and picked up on Friday between 12-5pm. During the week, they are set up in their own “kitty condo” with food and blanket from home, as well as their own litter box.  

There are significant after care instructions as well, which are definitely a factor when considering if this treatment is right for your cat. Click here for after care instructions and frequently asked questions.